Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Ob Appointment

Today was the first scheduled ob and ultrasound appointment - I am so thankful it went well! I have to admit, I had already convinced myself that I was going to miscarry. I was emotionally preparing myself for the heartache that I felt last August. I kept trying to tell myself that no matter what the outcome, I have Aubreigh and I should be thankful for that. However, I am happy to annouce that we saw a heartbeat! It's was soooo tiny, but there was certainly a flicker on the screen. The sonographer measured his/her heartbeat at 103bpm and I am measuring 5wks6d - which means, it appears that this little August leo was my birthday gift this year. After close consideration, I realized that it is possible that I conceived later than the 11th - I totally forgot about my birthday on the 16th of November. So, its possible I ovulated later than I thought - which the doctor reminded me that it was normal to have a "new normal" so - all is good in my world today. I couldnt have asked for a better outcome. The doctor was pleased to see that I placed myself on insulin already - even walked in with my glucose readings from November 25th onward. He said they looked great and commended me on being a "model patient" - we briefly talked about Aubreigh {everyone couldnt get over how cute she is and was happy to finally meet her} The doctor asked me if Aubreigh had blood sugar problems after birth and I told him no and he said that was wonderful - that it's his goal to make that possible again. I have no doubt in the team at Shands. They took excellent care of me when I was pregnant with Aubreigh and I am sure they're going to take great care of me during this pregnancy. Our appointment was at 830 - but we didnt get out of there until 11:10am! We didnt even get prenatal labs drawn because we were pressed from time {Chris had to get back to work by noon}
I asked if we could at least do a hcg lab and the doctor {who has 30 years experience at Shands} thought it was not needed due to the fact that Sunday {at the ER} there wasn't a heartbeat and I was measuring 5wk3d - and today there was a strong heartbeat and the baby is measuring 5wk6d - he said that in itself was a great indication that things are moving along wonderfully. I trust his judgement - I would have insisted if I was lacking pregnancy symptoms, but I am not. That was the one thing that threw me off over the weekend and yesterday. I was having cramps, spotting and a backache - but all the while I was feeling fatigued, nauseated, super nose, bloated, emotional, irratible. It seemed as though those symptoms were increasing.
Im just happy everything worked out for the best today and I pray that it continues to work out.
I am still crampy off and on {which doesn't bother me - I know cramping in early pregnancy is normal} the spotting seems to have stopped today and my back still aches but not as bad. All and all I am feeling very optimistic. The doctor who took care of me when I was pregnant with Aubreigh didnt get there until later in the morning - but she stopped in to say hi, meet Aubreigh and congratulate me on the pregnancy! She said I am smart for having them back to back - get it done and over with. I agree and for once - nobody had a snide remark - other than the girl who said "You are brave trying to take two babies on" -
Anyway, I asked the doctor if I was at any kind of increased risk since I am pregnant 3 months after giving birth - and he said there are studies that have shown that women who get pregnant within 3 months of giving birth do have a higher chance of miscarriage but he also reminded me that my chances for m/c drop once a heartbeat is detected. I know that I am at a predisposition for m/c due to the diabetes, the first miscarriage and PCOS - but Im fairly confident that come August 8th {or before} I will be holding my little bundle!

So just a recap of the appointment - today is December 13, 2011!

My sweet pea is measuring - 5wk+6d
My estimated due date is - August 8, 2012
The fetal heart-rate is 103 and climbing!

Meet the newest addition to the Chamblee Family

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ER visit ... threatened miscarriage

Tuesday can not get here soon enough - I am ready for answers.

Today, Chris, Aubreigh and I made a visit to the ER. Last night I started cramping pretty bad and at first was tempted to go in to have it checked out - but it was late and I told myself it was probably nothing. Plus, I know cramping in early pregnancy is perfectly normal. I don't know how many people I have told that to. The cramping presisted through the night - and was uncomfortable - but I managed. This morning I woke up {still cramping} and noticed some brown blood - I tried not to freak out, but given my miscarriage history - it was hard not to! I also cant tell you how many people I have told "brown blood = old blood". I tried to convince myself that everything was normal and everything would be ok. Afterall, I have felt pregnant for about 3 weeks now - Ive had the returned heartburn, nausea and fatigue that plauged me with my recent pregnancy.
When my lower back started to cramp I decided to go in. While I know that if I am/was miscarrying, there was nothing that could be done - but I needed answers. However, after my visit to the ER I was left with more questions then when I went in.

I got to the ER and they took me back promptly - which I was thankful for. I swear the doctor asked me 3 times if I was SURE I was pregnant - I guess he hasn't had many women come in 12 weeks post partum claiming they were 6 weeks pregnant. Anyway - I assured him I received a BFP at home on November 25th and that  the Naval clinic confirmed my pregnancy on November 28th. The ER collected a urine sample and about 4 vials of blood - all which confirmed that I was pregnant. My hcg came back at 14,000 which the doctor said was a wonderful level for a singleton pregnancy. The doctor also ordered an ultrasound - and this is where I become worried.

My LMP {or first & only PPP} was October 28, 2011. I tested on November 25th at home with a digital pregnancy test which has a sensitivity of 50. I am almost 100% positive I ovulated on 11-11-11 due to "signs" that I was ovulating {cramps, CM, backpain} and it is the most likely time frame that I conceived - which means, based off of my lmp, I should be 6wk+3d today. According to the u/s though, I am only 5wk+3d - and no, it's NOT possible I ovulated late because it's not possible that I conceived after the 11th. Yes, I am aware how conception works - which is why I am going to add that it's not possible that I conceived a week later {in the BEST circumstances sperm can only survive up to 5 days with 3 being the most likely case}

The only things that I could see on the u/s since the ER sonographer "couldnt say anything" was the gestational sac and the yolk sac. I couldn't see a fetal pole {but then again I was laying on a table straining to view the screen} and I am certain there was no heartbeat. With Aubreigh, we saw a heartbeat at 6wk+1d so, if I was 6wk+3d, like I thought I would be, I would expect to see a heartbeat. Heartbeats normally form between 5.5 weeks - 6.5 weeks.

So here I am ... waiting on Tuesday to find out what is going on. The ER couldnt give me any answers - they sent me home with a threatened miscarriage diagnosis and told me to make sure to keep my appointment on Tuesday. Come Tuesday, my hcg should double - so I am going to request that they check my hcg levels at that appointment - as long as everything looks good on the ultrasound.

So I either received a positive hpt at 3 weeks with a digital hpt AND I am only 5wk+3d which would blow my mind
I am 6wk+3d, like I am estimating - and the ER just didnt take their time measuring the sacs properly - which I know is a strong possibility this early into the game.

So here is to hoping that Tuesdays ultrasound reveals good news and even a heartbeat.  

Sunday, December 4, 2011

What a wonderful surprise ....

Motherhood is amazing. It honestly is better than I could have ever imagined. Even though Aubreigh has good days and bad days - I wouldnt trade them for anything in the world! Aubreigh will be 3 months old on December 12th and she's already coo'ing, holding her head up, she has rolled over {once so far}, every day with her amazes me. She is growing WAY too fast. I feel so luck to have such a beautiful daughter - I truly feel blessed to have her in my life. It's hard to believe that last Christmas, all Chris and I wanted was to be parents - and 9 short months later, here we are - the parents to an amazing little girl and one on the way!
Yes, you read that right. We are expecting ... again! We didn't plan this pregnancy but we are just as excited for this baby as we were for Aubreigh! This time around, there were no fertility treatments, no tracking cycles - no tracking ovulation {which actually, it seems as though we conceived baby #2 on 11/11/11 - pretty lucky day, if you ask me} no stressing over getting pregnant - it just happened. Were we shocked. YES! Are we excited? YES! Will I have my hands full? YES! However, I would rather them be full then empty {which is what they were for several years, while we prayed to be parents}

We found out on November 25, 2011, that we were expecting - I honestly just tested to prove to myself that I wasn't pregnant - after having about a week of pregnancy symptoms. My first symptom was heartburn - I had it when I was pregnant with Aubreigh, but it went away after I gave birth - so I found it strange that it would randomly show back up. I mentioned it in passing to a friend and she asked me "Could you be pregnant again?" and I was like "Nooooo ...... I ... don't think so?" The 2nd symptom that showed up was "super nose" - one night I woke up to make Aubreigh a bottle and I walked into the kitchen ... I could smell the trash so I woke Chris up to take the trash out because I didn't want it to smell up the house by morning - he got up, took the trash out, came back and said, "I couldn't smell it ... but I took it out" - again, I disreguarded what my friend had asked a few days prior because I've always had a super sensitive nose, so I thought, no big deal - he  can't smell it. The third and FINAL symptom that showed up that prompted me to test was my dreams became very vivid! At that very moment - a feeling was deep in my gut that I could be pregnant - I mean, of course I could be, Chris and I decided we weren't going to prevent pregnancy, but figured it wouldnt happen because of the need for fertility treatments in the past; so yes, I could be pregnant. The night of November 25th revealed that

I am pregnant!

So, it looks as if I have another 9 month journey ahead of me and I am looking forward to it! I have my first ultrasound and ob appointment on December 13, 2011 and we hope to have an official due date after the appointment. I should be 6-8 weeks at the time, Im expecting 6 weeks - and so we should be able to see cardiac activity!
 I am guessing that the new baby will be due on or around August 3, 2012 - of course since I will be induced early {unless I go on my own again, which I hope I do} the baby will be born sometime in July.
Aubreigh and the new baby will be considered "Irish Twins" since they will be less than a year apart - and I am pretty excited about that. I can only imagine how close they're going to be growing up!

I know they say every pregnancy is different and I expect that to be true for this one - especially only being 2.5 months post partum - I expect to have a bump a lot faster and I am expecting a pregnancy that is a little harder than the last - Im hoping for an easy pregnancy - but I am expecting a rough one. My body hasn't healed 100% from my pregnancy with Aubreigh - my body is already showing that it's more resistant to insulin this time around - Im on about the same amount of insulin now, at only 5wks that I was at the mid-point of my pregnancy with Aubreigh - but this baby is worth everything I have to endure to ensure that it is a healthy little bundle.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And then there was 3 ....

It has been a crazy but wonderful 9 days ...
On September 12, 2011 I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Aubreigh Grace Chamblee. She weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 19.5 inches long! She made her big debut at 8:25am after nearly 14 hours of labor!
Ive been meaning to write her birth story, but as you can imagine, time has been limited. I wanted to get it written as soon as possible so I dont miss out on some of the small details of the day! Let's see how well I do! :)

On the morning of Sunday, September 11th, 2011, I woke up miserable {almost like every other night of sleep} towards the end of the pregnancy sleeping became hard. However, one thing that was different for me that day was I woke up several times that night feeling "leaky" thats the only way I can think to describe it. When I woke up the next morning I told Chris I just felt "wet" like I was leaking - but didn't really think anything of it ... I had no other TRUE signs that labor was imminent. As the day went on ... I found that my leaky feeling continued. After a million trips to the restroom I realized that I was loosing my mucus plug and started to bleed. Again ... I failed to acknowledge that it was possible that labor could start that day .... after all ... I was already scheduled for induction on the 12th of September. What was the chances of me going into labor the day before my scheduled induction? Well let me tell you - pretty good!
That morning I had a desire to change Aubreigh's name to Autumn {I seriously had a 2 hour SERIOUS conversation with my husband about this ... he veto'ed it because he said it's always been Aubreigh and he can't imagine her being anyone else} plus he didnt want me to do something so spontaneous that I might regret later. I also had an urge to get my hospital bag packed and get the house picked up. After doing all this - I started feeling achy {again ... failed to realize this could be a sign of labor - I figured it was just the "regular" achey feeling I had everytime I over did it} So while Chris was outside messing around with the vehicles - I told him I was going to lay down because I felt crampy and my back hurt. A few moments later he came in to check on me - at this point my cramps were about 20 mins or so apart. I told him I was going to take a warm bath and see if that helped to soothe my bachache and cramps. I got out of the bathtub a few moments later and told him I was in some serious pain {keep in mind I really do have a low pain tolerance} and that I think we should go to the hospital to get it check out. I told him it was probably nothing to be too concerned about, due to my pain tolerance, but I would rather be safe than sorry. Afterall, what were they going to say, come back tomorrow when your induction is scheduled?
So Chris loaded up the car with the items on my "hospital list" and he gased up the car. We were on the road to Jacksonville to head to the hospital at around 6:30pm ish - enroute to the hospital, my cramps became timable and was spread out to about 12 minutes apart. { Im pretty sure the reason I thought that this COULDN'T be labor is because A. at my last Ob appointment on September 6th, I was only 1cm and 0% effaced and B. I am so intolerable to pain - I thought I was just making a big deal out of nothing }
We arrived at the hospital and in the time it took me to walk from the car in the parking garage to the 3rd floor of labor and delivery, I had to stop twice, bent over and trying to catch my breath, due to the pains I was having. We finally arrived to the 3rd floor to check in at 7:33pm and in the time it took me to sign into labor and delivery, I had experienced two breath-taking contractions. In a matter of minutes I was back in the "triage" area of L&D getting hooked up to the NST machine - I was in so much pain but nothing was registering on the monitors ..... the doctor came in to check me and told us I was 3cm and 90% effaced  - and considering I was a 1cm and 0% less than a week ago and was obviously in pain {even though nothing was picking up on the NST machine} she was going to admit me. Less than 30 mins later they had a room for me ... in the time it took me to get back to my labor room and hook me up to machines and draw labs {all less than an hour} I had progressed to 5cm and 100% effaced. I was officially ready for my epidural!!! However, I had to wait a little while for my epidural because the anestheologist was doing another epidural at the time - so they gave me some pain meds that made me EXTREMELY sleepy. I barely remember anything - all I remembered was the PAIN from the contractions. It really didnt take long though for them to come in to do my epidural. However, the epidural only nummed the right side of my body leaving my left side open to pain. Let me tell you - all the pain went straight to my hip! The pain was the worst. I kept complaining to my nursing team that I had some serious pain and feeling on my left side .... it took them nearly 2 hours to come and talk to me about it. The only thing they could do was re-do the epidural. Which meant removing the old one and placing a new one in. The last thing I was worried about was the pain I might have to undergo getting another epidural
{which by the way, to me, didnt hurt} The pain in my left hip was far worse than the pain of receiving another epidural. The way it was explained to me - the reason I had so much pain and pressure in my left hip is because everytime I had a contraction, Aubreigh's head was being squeezed - which is one of the reasons her poor head looked weird {to other people} once she was born.
After I received the 2nd epidural - I was doing good - except it only lasted about an hour before the pain and pressure in my hip and NOW back, came back. So I ended up having to have "boosters" placed in my epidural to renumb the left side. This went on and on and on all night long. Still my contractions were not being picked up on the NST monitor so the doctor decided to place an internal monitor in me ... and Chris said once that was in - they were able to measure my contractions to about 2 mins apart. Finally by midnight I was 10cm and of course still 100% effaced with contractions coming at about 1 minute apart.... I was truly ready to push. The only problem is .... Aubreigh wouldn't engage in my pelvis - I was at a 0 when I got there at 7:33pm and at midnight, I was still at a 0! They decided to give me something to try to help her engage - and at around 2am they came in to check me  and she was still a 0! They decided to let me push - I pushed for an hour before I got tired - Aubreigh still didn't move past a 0. They decided to give it a few more hours - at 5am they came in to check me and Aubreigh was still at a station 0. I was asking if I could push - so they decided to let me try ... again, I pushed for an hour and NOTHING. I was tired and exhausted and HUNGRY {The last meal I actually ate was on September 11th at noon} I wanted to meet my daughter already. The doctor said they would give it just a little more time - at around 7am I realized that I had been there for going on 12hours and I was in so much pain. I was tapped out on epidural, my back was killing me and it was  time to have a baby. I had to find every ounce of energy left in my body to push. I prayed to God for the strength and managed to push for another hour and 25 mins! At exactly 8:25am, Aubreigh Grace entered the world! I'm a little disappointed with how things were handled once she was born. The doctor didn't allow Chris to  cut the cord and Aubreigh was not placed on me right after birth. Instead, the doctor cut the cord, handed her off and sewed me up from the 2nd degree tear I had - congratulated me - left the room and came back a few moments later and asked me if I had seen her wedding ring because she had lost it.
I didnt actually get to HOLD my daughter or see her until she was 30 mins old. My mom and brother were in the room with Chris when I gave birth, so they were able to go to the warming table and take pictures, with their cell phones. Everything happened so quick that my camera wasn't even bought into the hospital until I was moved to my post partum room. I really wish I had more pictures of her actual birth!
Recovery is going well ... it's not as bad as I had anticipated. Aubreigh is doing great! She gets prettier and prettier everyday!  Chris and I just love her so much it's unreal. So many emotions over take you the moment you hear your baby cry for the first time. I remember the moment she cried Chris and I looked at each other and we both had tears running down our face. The only other time I've seen him cry is at our wedding. We truly are embracing parenthood with arms wide open .... even the 3am feedings {which are KILLER} but we are making it.

Our first family picture taken once we got home from the hospital {Aubreigh was 2 days old}
September 14, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Waiting to meet baby Aubreigh

I know I have been terrible at keeping up with my blog the last couple of weeks. Im going to try my best to recap the last couple of weeks for you ...
First and foremost - my husband is FINALLY home from deployment. This makes me one very happy wife! The last couple of weeks prior to him coming home have been so rough on me. I prayed everyday that Aubreigh would wait long enough for him to come home before she made her arrival. He got home around my 36th week - talk about cutting it close. Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks and WOW. It's so hard to believe how amazingly quick this pregnancy has gone. I was certain the pregnancy would drag on ... especially being alone {without my husband} to help out when I needed it. Lucky for me - he got home just in time for when I needed that lift off the couch or gentle push off the bed. Let me tell you, it's a frustrating thing not being able to pick yourself up off the couch or roll off the bed. My stride is more like a waddle these days and I have so much pressure and pain in my hips and pelvis when I walk. Little miss must be riding low. haha.
When I was about 32.5 weeks I took a fall while shopping on a rainy day and ended up going to the hospital just to be safe. I felt fine immediately after the fall - but about an hour later, I had some tightness and pain in my stomach so I went in. Im glad I did. They hooked me up to monitors to measure any contractions and Aubreigh's heartrate. I found out I was contracting sporatically every 3-10 minutes {some I could feel and others not so much} and after having my cervix checked for dialation I was already at 1cm.

Which isn't really a big deal - but kind of exciting for me. It was telling me that my body was actually doing something to prepare me for labor, at 32 weeks. Of course women have been known to stay stationary for weeks at a time - so being 1cm really isn't a huge deal. The bigger deal was the contractions, so, they gave me some medication via an IV to slow down and stop my contractions - I was in the hospital for about 6 hours before they let me go home. Thankfully, to this day, baby Aubreigh is still safely tucked inside her temporary womb. However, this won't be the case for too much longer because .... on


I will be making the journey down to Shand's Jacksonville to start my induction at 8pm!!!!! That's right, Aubreigh has an eviction date! My doctor has decided that it would be best to induce me before my estimated due date for the health and safety of both myself and little miss.

I had an anatomy scan at 36 weeks and at that time they estimated Aubreigh to already be

6lbs 7oz

at my 32 week anatomy scan Aubreigh was measuring about

4lbs 11oz

of course ultrasound weight estimates can be off by a pound or so
It will be interesting to see how much she does weigh in 8 days!
8 days! Can you believe that? I can't. I seriously feel as though Chris and I just got the phone call today informing us that we're pregnant.
Of course there were parts of this pregnancy that seemed to drag; but for the most part - it's hard to believe that in 8 short days I will be giving birth to my dream come true. I have always said that I feel as though God put me here on earth to do two things:

1. Be a wife
2. Be a mother

and as long as I am great at those two things in life - then I will feel as though my mission here on earth is accomplished.

I know this blog is all over the place but Im trying to remember everything I wanted to say ....

So I think the last belly picture I posted was at 28 weeks [which seems forever ago] so here are updated pictures

30 weeks - July 11, 2011

31 weeks - July 18, 2011

32 weeks - July 25, 2011

33 weeks - August 2, 2011

34 weeks - August 8 2011

35 weeks- August 15, 2011

35 weeks - front view
Happy 35 weeks - 35 days left until her estimated due date

36 weeks - August 22, 2011

37 weeks - August 29, 2011

SO ... now that I am full term, little miss Aubreigh is welcome to come at anytime ... of course, if she isn't here by the 12th of September, the doctors will be taking measures into their own hands. All I know is daddy and I are so ready to meet our daughter. It will be so nice to have all of our family and friends down for such a wonderful occasion.

I will try to update once Aubreigh is born ... of course, as Im expecting I will be super busy taking care of her and trying to get sleep when I can.
I just can't wait to see her sweet little face. I can't wait to hold her and snuggle her and I look forward to a lifetime of loving our precious little miracle. She certainly is my dream come true!

Since daddy got home - he has been so busy getting everything ready for Aubreigh's arrival. He installed the car seat a few days ago, he finished up the nursery, helped me wash and fold clothes - of course Grandma Schreiber came down for a few weeks while he was deployed to help out with things for baby Aubreigh as well. We have her diaper bag packed and ready for her ... and the only thing left for me to do is pack mine. Which I will be working on in the next couple of days. So hard to believe that the day has finally came - I am just days away from being a mommy. How wonderful is life?!

The next time you read this blog - I will be a mother to a beautiful baby girl.
Of course I am accepting all prayers for a smooth and easy delivery and recovery!

Signing off of my last blog post as a pregnant woman!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Shower, her first "A" and Ultrasound {Part 1}

Wow - going a whole month without blogging is hard. I don't feel as though my followers are getting the full effect of how I feel in my pregnancy! I will try to recant the best I can my feelings while still providing you with the basics each week. Today is July 25th which means - I had my 2nd to last growth scan! Eeek.
Can I just say though - that A LOT happens in a months time frame! As the days close in on me I am getting more and more anxious to meet my little girl!
Just to catch you up on some of the big things so far - At one of my many appointments in the past month - my OB informed me that they will be inducing me at around 38-39 weeks - that I will not go the full 40. Which I am sure come 38 weeks I will be ready to be done with this pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful thing - but .... it does come with some less than pleasurable things especially in the summer. However, I am excited to meet her whenever she makes her appearance. Just please wait until daddy is home - that's all I ask! At my last growth scan, I was 28 weeks and she was measuring 2lbs 11oz - which I found out was in the 55% for her gestational age - which was really good! Most diabetic mothers are in the 70-80% - so my doctor said this was a great indication that my sugars were well managed. Today, a month later, she is 4lbs 11oz - I am not sure what percentage that is - but I know the average weight for a 32 week fetus is 4lbs 4oz - so she might be a little bit over the 55 percentile for this scan. I will be sure to ask at my next appointment. It is said from here on out she will gain about 1/2 pound a week until she is born - which means, if they do induce me right at 38 weeks, she should weigh ABOUT 7lbs 11oz {which has been my guess all along} although, I wouldn't be surprised if she is a little bit heavier than that if we can't get my blood sugar back into a "normal" range.
 I have been a little worried this past week about her weight due to my blood sugar numbers. They were looking wonderful up until about a week ago - I can't say it's ALL of my numbers - the one in particular is my fasting blood sugar. I have upped my insulin almost 6 units over this past week and my fasting numbers are not changing! In fact today, my fasting was 161!!!! Im sure somewhere in this blog I've gone over the normal fasting range so I won't go into a whole lot of detail on that - but basically, a normal would be 70-90. A fasting of 161 is bad! So I discussed this with my doctor and he said it could be that I am taking too much insulin at bedtime and I am hitting a real bad low in the middle of the night and my body is dumping sugar into my blood to bring it back up .... I have a different theory, but I will do what he suggests and see if that helps. Which would include 3am testing and if it's high at 3am then I should go up 4 units on my bedtime insulin. I hope it helps! There is nothing more frustrating than having blood glucose numbers that are all over the place - especially a fasting because it's not like I am up eating in the middle of the night - so the only way to correct a fasting is to add more insulin. We will get it under control though. I have faith in my team of doctors and myself.
Oh lets see ... what else am I forgetting? I've noticed on the past two growth scans that Aubreigh's head has measured a week ahead ... and everything else is measuring on track with my due date.
So today I was introduced to NST. I knew what it was ... and in the back of my mind I was wondering "if" I would have to do it, I know that it monitors baby movements and since I feel her move ALL the time - I wasn't too sure if this was something I would have to do. Well much to my surprise when I checked in for my ultrasound today, they told me they would be doing the NST first.
NST stands for Non-Stress Test - basically what they do for this is they strap two different devices to your stomach. One monitors the baby's heart-rate and the other monitors any contractions that you might have. From my understanding, my OB's office likes to see the babies heart rate fluctuate 15 bpm above and below the baseline in a 30 minute period - but could be longer if the baby isn't cooperating. Anyway - everything went great with that! Aubreigh was in there "showing off" her moves. She was so active it was unreal. I was in there with 3 other expectant mothers and on their heart rate machine all you could hear was their babies heart just beating away ... on my machine? All you could hear was Aubreigh practicing her tumbling and cheers - kick kick - punch punch - roll roll andddddd repeat! ha!
Here is a picture of the reading I took today that was monitoring her heart-rate during one of her active periods

There are gaps in the lines because she was so active it was hard to get a good reading of her heart rate! Anyway - it was a relaxing 30 mins - except for you know - when she would twist and roll around in there.
Afterwards - they took me back for a BPPhaha. It reminded me of the one they bought into the ER when I needed an ultrasound. Just a real fuzzy ultrasound - but with an important purpose. BPP's are preformed on high risk patients and measure amniotic fluid, baby's movements and muscle tone and breathing movements. She told me that both tests are scored on a 10 point system - a 10 being perfect ... well ... guess what little miss Aubreigh received. Her first "A" - a perfect 10! Normally they do NST/BPP's twice a week for mothers who are diabetic and on insulin, however, I was able to talk them into only doing it once a week due to the commute from GA to downtown Jacksonville. {of course unless something comes up and I need it twice a week} - so my next one is scheduled for next Monday, August 1st. Then I will hopefully start seeing them on Tuesdays or Thursdays - when I go in to see my doctor.
So finally I was able to make it back to have my scheduled growth scan .... it was quick and simple but I did find out some pretty amazing stuff!
Aubreigh is going to have .... HAIR! That's right! It was visible on the ultrasound today just floating away. I don't know what to do with a baby who has hair! haha. I've been preparing myself for a bald little girl ... but the proof is in the picture!
I can't wait until daddy finds out his little girl is going to have hair. I do hope though that she doesn't inherit my crazy curls! haha
We also were able to get a face picture with her eyes kinda open!

So - on July 16th two of my closest friends threw me a baby shower and it was wonderful. Even though we had rain showers on the day of my shower - everything was beautiful. I had family and friends in attendance and I received a lot of nice things!!! I was emotionally moved by everything. I will share a few pictures from that day ...
My yummy owl cake! It was chocolate with fresh strawberries in the middle.

My sister in law; Brandi - her husband's son; Dakota, myself and my mother in law; Becky.

Pretty party favors!

Audra and I - we are 10 days apart as far as gestational age - she is one of the ladies responsible for hosting my shower
the other fabulous one is Rachael {pictured below}
and of course ... one of my mom and I

It was a wonderful day and I am truly grateful for everything we received that day for baby Aubreigh.
I think I have written enough for one day - it's time that I get up and get moving {even if it is at the speed of a turtle} haha
I will be posting another blog later this week to detail weeks 29-32 - so if you enjoy that part of my blog please check back later.

Until then! xoxo

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week 27-28 plus 3D ultrasound pictures!

Hello - hello - hello!!!!
It seems like forever since my last blog - this once a month thing is certainly different. However, as promised, I come with pictures! Actual pictures of little miss Aubreigh; who is growing more precious with each passing day! In the past two weeks I have hit a HUGE milestone ... I have officially entered the FINAL trimester of pregnancy!

Week 27 ~ June 20, 2011

Hello Third Trimester and the start of my 7th month of pregnancy! Can you believe that? 7 months! I feel as if it's all such a wonderful dream but soon enough the cries from my little girl will be a welcomed reality check for me!

Developmental accomplishments this week:
  • Your hearing continues to develop.
  • Your eyes can blink, open and close.
  • If born this week, your chance of survival would be 80%
  • From this week - there are exactly 10 weeks until mommy is considered "full term"
  • Predictable periods of sleep 
  •  It's said that it's possible to hear your heartbeat by just placing an ear on your abdomen - Of course nobody is here to test that theory ... maybe the cats can 
  • The average baby weighs about 2 pounds {like a head of cauliflower} and is about 14 inches long

Mommy's growth at 27 weeks

Now .... I had some 3D ultrasound pictures taken at 27wk+1d {June 21, 2011}. The ultrasound tech told us when we saw her for the big gender determination back at 16wks; that if we intended on doing the 3D/4D we would need to come in before 28 weeks for the best pictures because of my anterior placenta. Well ... even coming in before 28 weeks - we were not able to avoid the fact that Aubreigh had already made herself comfortable smashing her face up against it - so while they're not the "best" 3D pictures - they're ours and we love them!
Just to share a few of my favorites!

Aubreigh was yawning big for this picure and sticking her tounge out
{The fuzzy stuff up against her right cheek, is my placenta}

I think this one is so precious. She has her right hand up against her face in a little ball and she is SMILING!

In this one you can see her face a little better - she again has her right fist balled up very dainty!
{We sent this one to daddy - and he think's she is just so cute!}

This one she is waving at us with her left hand. Or she's saying "Okay no more pictures!"

I certainly think they were worth every dime we spent on them.

28th Week ~ June 27, 2011

  • The hair on the head is now clearly visible.
  • The milk teeth have developed under the gums.
  • The eyes are starting to move in their sockets.
  • Brain waves show rapid eye movement (REM) sleep - which means you're dreaming {I wonder if you dream about me like I dream about you}
  • If born this week, your chance of survival is 90%
  • You are capable of ... coughing this week
  • You are about 15 inches this week and the average baby weighs about 2lbs 4oz {like a Chinese Cabbage}

You however, weigh 2lbs 11oz! How do I know this? Well, because I had a growth scan today to measure your development and that is what you were estimated at. It's perfectly normal to be a little bit bigger due to my diabetes. I've had a few doctors appointments since my last update. The first appointment I had {June 16th} - I had mentioned the swelling in my legs, ankles and feet - and what I described as "abnormal" because I've never seen them get so large. {You may remember this "joy of pregnancy" from my last blog} Combined with my weight gain in 2 weeks and my high blood pressure reading {At this particular appointment} my doctor decided to run some labs to check for  Pre-eclampsia - thankfully at I was informed all my labs had came back clean. Apparently, it is normal to have ankles the size of grapefruit in pregnancy - but it is something worth bringing up to your OB. Always better to be safe than sorry.
So - this last OB appointment {June 23rd} my blood pressure was back to normal - my urine indicated that I might have an infection so my doctor started me on an antibiotic. They upped my insulin dosage and are getting more "aggressive" with the regimne since Im getting to the part in pregnancy where insulin resistance is VERY common! {Thankfully I don't have to take the glucose tolerance test - because well - Im already diabetic, of course I would fail it!} We also discussed .... wait for it ....
 My doctor told me that it's common practice to induce diabetic mothers at 38-39 weeks - I would be more "likely" to deliver a "normal" weight baby at this point - but CAN be induced as early as 37 weeks if need be. I'm hoping for the 38th week time frame. Which, if they induce me right at 38 weeks - I will be induced and probably {praying for a short painless labor} giving birth on LABOR Day; September 5th.
However, no date has been set yet for the induction.
I have to tell you though - this makes things seem so much more real! Talking about the actual birth ... I have become so giddy when I talk about it. This means - in about 10 weeks,  Chris and I will be holding our precious, sweet, miracle child!
Visions of pumpkin patches and visits to Santa are dancing in my head right now!!! Cute little dresses, outfits and bows!

Okay so - {June 28, 2011} I had my 28 week growth scan. I will get these scans monthly due to my diabetes - it will help the doctor to better understand the weight that Aubreigh is putting on and better judge when my induction should be ... my next one is schedule for July 25th.
At this one - Aubreigh was measuring right on par with her due date - her head was measuring about 3 days ahead - but ... the ultrasound tech said everything looked normal.
Aubreigh's estimated weight was 2lbs and 11oz - which this is determined by measuring biparietal diameter and abdominal circumference. - However there is an error margin of about 10% when determining fetal weight via ultrasound. I will find out more next week when  I meet with my OB though.

The ultrasound tech, who I love, surprised me by turning on the 3D machine and got a few good photos of little miss for us! Here they are!

This is what you ACTUALLY look like this week!

In this picture you are playing peek-a-boo with me! You have both of your hands over your eyes - but we were able to get a very clear shot of your nose and lips!

Just to make sure there are no "surprises" come your birth day ... double checking your girly parts! I must add, you look like you're going to have your daddy's legs!

This one is a "clearer" image of your face - your feet are up to your forehead in this one and your knee is under your chin! I just know you're going to be a gymnist of some sort!

The past two weeks Ive been feeling - pregnant - that's the only way to put it. Ive had a lot of back aches, braxton hicks, heartburn, legs going numb at night when I sleep ... I have to think twice about picking something up off the ground. LOL. My belly is over taking me! My headaches have been better - their not occuring so frequently, but I do still get them. Im having a harder time sleeping at night - it takes a lot of effort for me to roll over in the bed - which I do frequently since my legs fall asleep; depending on what side I am sleeping on. But - life is good. I have a lot of things coming up in the next 4 weeks. July 16th is our baby shower - Im looking forward to all the yummy food, the friends and family and of course the showering of gifts! I will certainly update everyone on how fabulous that turns out! In the meantime, I need to find an outfit to wear and book my pampering morning prior to my shower. A nice little gift from daddy to us!

Until next time .... thanks for reading!